Friday, July 26, 2013

Helping Other Moms Succeed

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Friday, July 26th - Helping other moms succeed: have you helped any other moms with their breastfeeding journey?

My goal and heart-felt desire is to help moms with their breastfeeding journey before it ever starts. I teach comprehensive childbirth education classes and spend a class session talking about newborn abilities and breastfeeding. I try to give moms a realistic view of breastfeeding: it's normal, natural, easy, and amazing AND it can be difficult at times....but is totally worth it.

I try to make sure moms know the basics of having a good latch, how to have a good milk supply, deal with common issues, know when to call in an expert, and how to find support. To me, prenatal breastfeeding education is essential, because too often I talk to moms whose problems could have been prevented if they'd been given good information before birth. After birth, I try to be a resource for moms and be encouraging without judgment. Every mom needs a cheerleader!

I sincerely hope somehow I've helped moms, whether formally through my classes or participation in LLL or the Davis County Breastfeeding Coalition, or informally through my example with family and friends.

Who helped you on your journey?

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  1. How wonderful to teach childbirth classes! What a great way to make a difference.

    I suppose there have been a few people who have helped me but the one that comes to mind the most is my dear loverboy. : )

  2. Hailey,
    this is what LLL WANTS to do and you ARE doing it because you have the ability to be with mothers before they give birth. So glad we have someone like you in the community coupling breastfeeding with birth information! You rock mama!