Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Breastfeeding Photos

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Wednesday, July 24th - Wordless Wednesday-Breastfeeding Photos: share pictures of you and your nursling(s)!

This is 2011's World Breastfeeding Week photo shoot (by Timbra Wiist of Landslide Photography) with my first daughter

On vacation this past May visiting my sister's family in Victoria BC, I spent lots of time nursing my second daughter while she was in my Boba baby carrier. So convenient!

...and when that nursing baby fell asleep, I could continue to enjoy a walk on the beach with my husband without being afraid of waking her up! :-)

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  1. Love them. . .of course I always love taking nursing portraits for friends, but I love the ones on the beach!

  2. Awesome pic! I looked through five years of breastfeeding pics for this carnival and found I I don't have very many :(