Monday, July 25, 2011

Guest Post on SLC Breastfeeding Cafe Page

I'm proud to be the guest poster on Breastfeeding Cafe SLC's blog today--check it out and read other blogs on the topic of breastfeeding. Also, check out their events coming up soon!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

LLL visit and LOTS of exciting events!

"My Visit to LLL"
First of all, if you have never been to a La Leche League meeting (LLL), you definitely should. It is a great idea for expecting moms as well as currently nursing moms. At each meeting, trained leaders (and other moms who may be in similar situations) are available to offer free advice and support.

Links to the various LLL groups in the area are available on my "Links" page (click above).
This week, I visited the LLL of Murray group. They meet on the first Tuesday of the month at noon at the Murray Park Church of Christ (494 East 5300 South Murray, UT 84107). This group has SO much going on. In addition to their monthly daytime meetings, they are also having summer evening family meetings (usually picnics or potlucks) as a chance for breastfeeding families to gather. Check out their website at to keep track of all they have going on. 

At the meeting, I was able to get more information about some of the EXCITING events happening in SLC this summer to support breastfeeding and babywearing. These are some "can't miss" events! Read below for more details:

Upcoming Events:

Babywearing FlashMob- It's not too late to be part of a babywearing flash mob...coming somewhere near you, sometime soon. The event is sponsored by BobaCarriers and SleepyWrap (which means that you could have a chance to win a free baby carrier by participating!) in the Salt Lake Area, and is organized by Timbra Wiist and Claire Lindstrom. If you are interested in particpating, the two remaining practices are Fri 7/15 and Fri 7/29 at 4pm at the Murray Park Church of Christ (494 E 5300 S Murray).

Latch On America- A big pink bus sponsored by is coming to visit Salt Lake as part of their nationwide tour! It will be on the SE area of the downtown SLC Main Library Square from 4-7pm on July 22nd. Come on down! This is a great opportunity to connect with some of the local breastfeeding resources and supporters in our area. *pending permit approval-I'll post if anything changes*

The Annual Breastfeeding Cafe will be running for two weeks at the SLC downtown Main Library from August 1-14th. Everyone is invited to come down to chat, nurse, learn, and socialize. There will be classes offered as well as informal chat sessions. Volunteers are still needed. More info at

The Big Latch On is a national event for nursing mothers and babies--counting the number of breastfeeding moms gathered--will they set a record?? SLC's event will be on Saturday, August 6, starting with registration at 9:30 am on the NE lawn of SLC Main Library Square.  The Big Latch On will count how many nursing moms are there from 10:30-10:31 am. Show the world that breastfeeding is normal and best for babies! They also need help from NON nursing persons, for official counting and are still looking for 5 or 6 people to help with that. Contact Timbra at lllofmurray @ for more info about this event or to volunteer.

To keep up with all that's going on, you can follow the Breastfeeding Cafe or La Leche League of Murray on Facebook.

I am proud to say that I (Hailey @ Birth Utah) will be attending most of these events too! See you there!