Saturday, July 27, 2013

Go-To Resource

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Saturday, July 27th - Your go-to resource: what person, book, group, etc. was your number one place to go to for help?

ONE resource?? That's hard! Ask me to give you a list of resources...that's easy! Maybe I'll cheat a little and give you my number one resource as I look back in time.

When I first started breastfeeding, was my number one resource. It was an awesome middle-of-the-night "is this normal?" reliable resource. It was perfect when I was a brand new mom and not sure if my questions were dumb and too scared to ask someone in person.

As I got a bit more confidence, La Leche League groups were my next resource. More than just the facts that I could get online or from good books, I enjoyed seeing other moms and babies face to face. Hearing their struggles and successes, and seeing them feed their babies did more for normalizing breastfeeding than any book could have.

Fast forward a few years later.....At this point, I had the wonderful opportunity to become friends with Meghan Reed, who is an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) and an amazing new momma. Meghan took my childbirth classes before the birth of her baby---how awesome was it to have this sweet IBCLC in class!! She taught us all a lot.

I'll admit before my second daughter was born I figured I knew everything about breastfeeding because I had done it for more than 2 years already. The second time around was definitely easier, but I learned that every baby has it's own part in the breastfeeding relationship and each breastfeeding relationship comes with it's own unique challenges. It was SO nice to have Meghan on speed dial in those first few weeks! Everyone should be so lucky to have a friend who is an IBCLC. If you aren't that lucky, I encourage you to find one that you feel comfortable calling with questions!

p.s.  Meghan can be found at You can search for an IBCLC in your area here Lactation consultations should now be covered by insurance--check with yours!

What's your go to resource?

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  1. I loved taking your birth class, Hailey, and I feel honored to be in your post today!!

  2. Awe. . .I love that I know BOTH of you ladies! It's awesome that a friend can be your best go-to resource (and LLL too, because I'm kinda partial :)

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